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Super B Single SX S358 Turbo Kit w/FMW Billet Wheel - Dodge 2003-2004 5.9L
Part # 1045230

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  • Forged Milled Billet Wheel
  • Custom built to BD specifications, not a box turbo
  • Quick spool-up with no surging
  • Cooler EGTs & less smoke
  • Special low inertia, full-floating 6-pad thrust bearings, not 3 pad like box turbos
  • Dual volute T3 turbine housing utilizes low rpm exhaust pulses for improved turbine response
  • Efficient positive boost-to-drive pressure ratio yields high power with low EGTs
  • Perfect fitment to the stock turbocharger inlet connection points
  • BD's HD Waste gate and bracket holds boost and prevents over speed damage
  • Turnbuckle Boost Control allows for ease of adjustment for altitude and extreme tuning
  • Most systems can be upgraded to a twin system for more power or even better towing performance
  • 870 CFM / 450 HP
  • Comp Wheel: 58mm 2.28in
  • A/R Ratio: 0.80
  • Cast Outlet Elbow, V-Band Clamps, Heat Wrap
  • Turbine Wheel: 74mm 2.91in


  • 12-Months
  • 12,000 Miles


Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 2003, 2004
Dodge Ram 3500 5.9 2003, 2004

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