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  • Quick spool-up with no surging

  • Cooler EGT's & less smoke

  • Low inertia, full-floating 6-pad thrust bearings

  • Dual volute T3 turbine housing utilizes low rpm exhaust pulses for improved turbine response

  • Efficient positive boost-to-drive pressure ratio yields high power with low EGTs

  • Perfect fitment to the stock turbocharger inlet connection points

  • Wastegated to prevent overspeed damage

  • BD's own Turnbuckle Boost Control allows for ease of adjustment for altitude and extreme tuning

  • Most systems can be upgraded to a twin system for more power aor even better towing performance

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Popular S300 Part Numbers

Part #Description
S361B100-723080RACE TURBO S300 61mm Billet / 72mm 0.80A/R T3
S363B100-804091RACE TURBO S300SX-E 63mm Billet / 80mm 0.91A/R T4
S366B100-804091RACE TURBO S300SX-E 66mm Billet/80mm 0.91A/R T4
S366B900-804091RACE TURBO S300 66mm Billet/80mm 0.91A/R T4 90degree-Outlet
S366C100-804091RACE TURBO S300 66mm Cast/80mm 0.91A/R T4