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Transmission Packages

From street and towing to full race, BD Builds Them Best!

To some, it is a challenge to simply disassemble and assemble a Ford transmission. For BD, the challenge was to improve the durability and performance of these transmissions in demanding, high-torque diesel applications.

The smooth shifting associated with the stock Ford transmission is the result of slippage that produces heat and accelerates wear – we add tighter clutch packs that provide a quicker shift and 30%-40% more clutch material with additional steels are designed into each BD transmission.

We improve the internal lubrication by adding high power boost valves, rework the front pump and add lube circuits. Improved bearing designs plus supports, sprags and planetaries are upgraded with sure-loc snap rings being used.
A re-programmed accumulator body with improved valve designs, higher line pressure and enhanced oil flow creates positive clutch application. Solenoids are tested and new ones installed - hard wiring provides high temperature resistance.

A BD deep-sump aluminum pan is also fitted, which increases oil capacity for cooler operation and improves case strength to prevent torque causing internal oil pressure leakage.

Finally, each transmission’s shift pattern and oil pressure is tested on our transmission dynamometer then shipped to you in a virtually indestructible molded plastic container. Our transmission packages for the 1990-2003 7.3L E4OD include an auxiliary frame mounted full flow filter kit.  

For ultimate strength and reliability, we recommend you match your new BD transmission with a TorqForce performance torque converter.

We also offer Build-it transmission rebuild kits with our modified parts for those that want to build their own performance transmissions.

WARRANTY : 36-month / 150,000 mile limited warranty on non competitive, racing or sled-pulling applications.  See warranty statement for further details.

Check out Diesel Army's story on building 48RE transmission with BD parts!

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  • Available Makes
  • Ford
  • Available Engines
  • 2008 - 2010 6.4L
  • 2003 - 2007 6.0L
  • 1994 - 2003 7.3L DI
  • Available Transmissions
  • Automatic
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1990-1997 E40D Transmissions:
1064402F        1990-1994 E4OD 2wd
1064404F        1990-1994 E4OD 4wd
1064422F        1995-1997 E4OD 95-97 2wd
1064424F        1995-1997 E4OD 95-97 4wd

1999-2003 4R100 Transmissions:

1064442F        1999-2003 4R100 2wd
1064442FPTO   1999-2003 4R100 2wd PTO
1064444F        1999-2003 4R100 4wd
1064444FPTO   1999-2003 4R100 4wd PTO

2003-2010 5R110 Transmissions:
1064462         2003-2004 5R110 2wd
1064462PTO   2003-2004 5R110 2wd PTO
1064464         2003-2004 5R110 4wd
1064464PTO   2003-2004 5R110 4wd PTO
1064482         2005-2007 5R110 2wd
1064484         2005-2007 5R110 4wd
1064492         2008-2010 5R110 2wd
1064494         2008-2010 5R110 4wd