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BD 2015-2016 Fall Catalog

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HD EGR Coolers


Most OEM coolers are failing due to cracking, which causes the water and exhaust to mix, or, from becoming clogged with exhaust deposits. We have developed a process making the cooler much more reliable and maintenance free.


T304 stainless steel tubing to replace the turbulator design used in most OEM coolers. The stainless steel tubing is tig welded to precision laser cut plates that are attached to the cooler housing. This will ensure the cooler will operate under the toughest of environments. This is a must for mass transit vehicles like school buses,ambulances,and wreckers/rollbacks.

1090300           Cummins ISX 2002-2006
1090301           Cummins ISX 2007-2009
1090302           Cummins ISX 2010-2012
BOSEGR340    Volvo 2002-2006 D12D
BOSEGR900    Mercedes MBE900/MBE904/MBE906

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