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6.7L 68RFE Trans


The 68RFE coupled behind the Dodge/Cummins 6.7L engine represents a new breed of transmission that was built to take on the high torque and horsepower of the Cummins engine but only at stock specs.

There are many of those whom have already pushed the limits of their transmission with performance enhancements and hauling heavy loads that know all too well how much is too much for the 68RFE. BD transmissions are designed to take on what most 68RFE owners are looking for – responding with smooth sharp shifts to keep the engine in the torque range required.

Highlights of our modifications:
BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pan
   • Adds 4.5qt extra oil capacity
   • Reduces case flex
   • Reduces internal oil leakage
   • Heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down
   • Magnetic drain plug

New pump regulator valve design
Custom BD valve body separator plate
Custom BD accumulator plate

Hard ANODIZED Valve Body

BD uses hard anodized valve bodies to prevent wear at the SSV bore causing sticky valves and/or cross leaks from conventional valve bodies. Symptoms caused by SSV bore wear are:
   1. Limp-in mode
   2. Pressure switch rationality codes
   3. Erratic TCC apply
   4. No lockup
   5. L/R switch code

Protech68 Pressure Control module
   • Deliver up to 275 PSI clutch apply pressure
   • Providing 150% more holding force above stock to prevent clutch slippage
   • Dynamically adjusts the hydraulic apply pressures based on MAP
   • Ramps up the much larger sweep
Machined lower pressure plate
Machined reverse pressure plate
4C piston spring retaining lock
2C piston special machining for additional clutch fiber and steel plates
2C apply piston modified to accept new heavier Billet retainer
   • Steel girdle is applied to strengthen piston and give a broader apply area

BD exclusive, heavy duty constructed cam and roller style one-way clutch
WARRANTY: 36-month / 150,000 mile limited exchange warranty on non-competitive, racing or sled-pulling applications. Some conditions apply - See warranty statement for further details.

68RFE Clutch Count

2C 3 4
4C 3 3
LR 7 7

BD Triple Torque Force Converters
   • One-piece billet cover prevents warping
   • Trapezoid teeth hold the clutches
   • Three times the holding power over stock units
   • Less friction wear and no rattling
   • BD’s own designed cast stator
BD FleX-Plate
   • Meets SFI 29.3
Billet steel input and output shafts for applications with extra big tires and modified power levels

Product Warranty 36-month Limited
  • Available Makes
  • Dodge
  • Available Engines
  • 2008 - 2014 6.7L
  • Available Transmissions
  • Automatic
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          2wd / 4wd
1064242 / 1064244    2007.5-2010 6.7L 68RFE
1064252 / 1064254    2011-up 6.7L 68RFE

Optional Billet input shaft is available, add "B" to end of part number

2010-2011 model years could have either an early or late model 68RFE transmission which there are three methods of indicating which model you are working on:

Primary Indicator:  Color of the housing connector that protrudes from the valve body/transmission will either be White for early model or Grey for late model. If the valve body has been previously replaced with a reman unit, there is the possibility the colors could be switched.

Secondary Indicator
:   Two letter suffix of transmission number on label (or peened) on side of case or also found below the main connector on the drivers side:
             AA / AB / AC / AD - Early Model
             AE / AF / AG - Late Model

Alternative Indicator:  If valve body is dissembled, the number of check balls will direct you to the correct application:
             7 Check Balls - Early Model
             5 Check Balls - Late Model