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Positive Air Shutdown
Don't let your engine Grenade!

When you need an emergency engine shutdown system, then BD has the solution that is hard to PASs up. We use an in-line butterfly valve which is activated by a heavy duty electrical solenoid to shut an engine down within seconds.

Our exclusive locking lever prevents closures from vibration and the electrical solenoid must be engaged in order to close the butterfly.

Exclusive innovative bead boot lock design to keep the included rubber boots securely in place under high boost pressures — easy to install with no welding required.

Compact butterfly design only adds 3-inches of height on top of the pipe as compared to guillotine style valves that can double that! Boots and clamps included in the kit.

Aluminum and stainless components for corrosion resistance plus waterproof electrical components. Automatic Shutdown with overspeed electronics or Manual Shutdown options. Kits for all HD Applications.

Highly visible shut down switch!

1036734*   2.0-Inch Intake
1036731*   2.5-Inch Intake
1036730*   3.0-Inch Intake
1036732*   3.5-Inch Intake
1036733*   4.0-Inch Intake

* Kit includes automatic OverSpeed protection - add "-M" to the end of part number for manual control

Product Manuals:
2.5 - 3.0 Inch Kits
3.5 - 4.0 Inch Kits

Product Warranty 1-year parts