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200-650HP increase
Track Master Turbo with Race Cover & 90-degree outlet
Track Master Turbo with Race Cover & 90-degree outlet
Track Master Turbo with standard cover and straight outlet

Ultimately, your engine requires the right air-to-fuel ratio to produce the best power from right-off-the-line up to high rpm without surging or wheel explosion due to over-speeding the wheel design. BD has tested and developed a complete range of Borg Warner turbocharger parts and assemblies for specific applications and markets.

These Track and Sled Master S400 single turbochargers incorporate BD’s own compressor housing now available in either a 3-inch straight outlet or new this year, a close radius 90-degree outlet. The Track Master series comes with new Race Inducer 5-inch inlet, 1/4-npt oil feed inlet and full Marmon turbine outlets with T4 mounting pads. A very cost effective turbo!

- Contour machined compressor housings for many wheel options
- Housings can be machined to accommodate larger wheels as power level grows
- Contoured compressor housings from 67mm right up to an 82mm Wheel
- Customized with a 6 pad thrust bearing
- New this year 360 degree 7 pad thrust bearing

Compressor wheels are available in Billet or in HIP’ed Cast form and are available from 66mm-82mm. Selecting too large of a compressor wheel will result in too much air at low engine rpm which causes aresistance to spool the turbo.

Our Lucas 2.6 Class approved Inducer Inlet design with the 0.200 MWE (Map Width Enhancement) groove at the 5.5-inch connection point that makes up for air lost with the 2.6 inducer. 

The 2.6 turbos have a 5.5 -inch inlet O.D., 1/4-npt oil feed inlet and full Marmon turbine outlets. The S500 series of Borg Warner turbos with T6 mounting pads are also available with our 2.6 Inducer. Choose your turbo by locating your target horsepower.

We offer two different turbine wheels sizes for the S4 series (81.7/87.3 and 74.2/83.4) and recommend the larger turbine wheel be used when you achieve the 700hp level, though the smaller turbine wheel can work in applications using NOX or high stall torque converters.

We found that the right turbine wheel to compressor wheel drive ratio should be a minimum of 0.79 utilizing the wheels OD to calculate this ratio. The larger the number, the more power the turbine wheel will have to drive the compressor wheel. 

Selecting the right turbine housing A/R ratio that can spool the turbo and can flow the exhaust volume your engine produces at high rpm is a challenge. A TDV opens up the range your turbo can operate efficiently at. Our recommendation is that on most engines turning up to 3800rpm should use a 0.9 A/R turbine housing, or, a 1.0 A/R housing if using a Turbine Diverter Valve

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Dodge 5.9L 12-valve Chart

Dodge 5.9L 24-valve / ISB / CR Chart

Dodge 6.7L Chart

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S467, S471, S474, S480, S482, S588 & S590

Not for sale to licensed California vehicles