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High Performance VP44 Pump
Big Power Increases & Better Economy

The VP44 injection pump is the heart of the ’98.5-’02 Dodge Cummins 24V engine—and now the experts at BD Diesel Performance have used their 36 years of diesel fuel system experience to bring you the ultimate high performance VP44.

Strategic durable mechanical modifications to this pump produce higher pressure, which results in better atomization, instant throttle response, improved fuel economy, and up to a 100 hp gain. And, because programmers and tuners for these engine model years only modify injector pulse width and timing, they can be used in addition to the BD High  Performance VP44.

Because of the high fuel delivery produced,  it is recommended for use with the BD Super B Single or Twin Turbo system to provide optimum air-fuel ratios.

Product Warranty 90-day
  • Available Makes
  • Dodge
  • Available Engines
  • 1998 - 2002 5.9L 24-Valve
  • Available Transmissions
  • Automatic
  • Manual
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1050127HP     Dodge 1998-2002 24-valve 5.9L

Additional core charges apply.

Not for sale to licensed California vehicles