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Exhaust Brakes
Turbo Mount
Turbo Mount
Remote Mount

Descending grades with trailers can be hazardous and tricky situations, resulting in over heated service and trailer brakes, that leads to brake fade, excessive wear, and costly unwarranted repairs. BD Engine brake has been the industries time proven VARIABLE REGULATING BACK-PRESSURE EXHAUST BRAKE.

Controlled by a lighted On/Off toggle switch or optional stick-mounted rocker switch for manual transmissions, the BD brake communicates with the engine’s electronic idle verification board for quick engagement.

How it works: Using BD’s exclusive Variable butterfly Technology, providing peak retarding power throughout the engine’s rpm range unlike some models that rely on a hole/orifice within the butterfly to calibrate back-pressure only in the higher engine RPM .

Where it mounts: Most vehicle applications will either have BD’s turbo-mount design which bolts in place of the factory elbow between the turbo and the exhaust system or the inline design mounts in the exhaust system between the engine and muffler/DPF/cat.

For modified Turbo and engine applications: Got a modified or twin-turbo application? BD offers a remote mount exhaust brake that incorporates all of our standard technology found in our turbo mount units in a 4” free flowing design that won’t impede the exhaust flow and performance enhancements you worked so hard to achieve. 

The advantage to regulating the butterfly vs. other brands is: The Butterfly is constantly exercising thus reducing the possibility of carbon and rust deposit forming that can cause premature ware and binding. Furthermore no maintenance or lubricating is required providing miles of trouble free service.  

The BD Brake’s rugged cast-iron housing incorporates BD’s exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and positive sealing piston ring, no blind holes for carbon and rust to form, and miles of leak free retarding.

Stainless steel butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment, the offset butterfly valve won’t stick, and has been strategically placed in the elbow so that it won’t impede exhaust flow when in the open position.
Brake valve is actuated by an air cylinder (newer models) or a powerful, three-inch vacuum cylinder (earlier models). The durable air compressor included in later model kits can even be used for other applications, such as air horns, air bags even air-ride fifth wheel hitches —it’s that tough.

Automatic-equipped trucks prior to 2006 require BD’s programmable AutoLoc and PressureLoc kits to electronically control torque converter clutch engagement. This addition effectively reduces slippage, resulting in peak retarding performance as well as lower transmission temperatures.

All BD Brake kits come complete with the brake, air compressor (where applicable), mounting hardware, port to monitor the brake’s retarding performance, complete instructions and most models come with EGT port.

Product Warranty 2-year parts / 1-year Labor

Motor Home
1024113     Brake - Chev Motorhome 6.5L Air/Remote 4.0" Exh.
1023121     Brake - Cummins 5.9L, Air/Remote 3.0" Exh. 60psi
1027126     Brake - Cummins 5.9L Air/Remote 3.5" Exh. 65psi
2023123     Brake - Cummins 5.9L 60psi Air/Turbo Mount
1027152     Brake - Cat 3208T 4" 25# Air
1027155     Brake - Cat 3116 4" Air

Midline Truck
1023310     Brake - 2001-2005 C4500/5500 GMC 6.6L
1023311     Brake - 2001-2005 C4500/5500 GMC 6.6L c/w Air Compressor
1023126     Brake - H/D Trk. 5.9L, Air/Remote 3.0" Exh. 60psi
1027128     Brake - Cummins 8.3L Truck 65psi
2023126     Brake - Cummins Truck 5.9L 60psi Air/Turbo Mount
1027148     Brake - Ford Truck 7.8L Air/Remote 4"
1027157     Brake - Ford Truck F650/F750 w/3126 Cat Air
1027158     Brake - Ford Truck F650/F750 w/5.9L Cummins Air
2023158     Brake - Ford Truck 5.9L Cummins 60psi Air/Turbo Mount
1027320     Brake - Freightliner FL80 w/8.3L ISC Cummins
1027350     Brake - Freightliner FL80 w/3126 Cat
1027160     Brake - Navistar DTA466 3.5" Air
1027161     Brake - Navistar  DT466 4" Air
1027165     Brake - Navistar444E 4" Air
1027168     Brake - Navistar VT365 6.0L PowerStroke Air
2023165     Brake - Navistar T444E Air/Turbo Mount
2023166     Brake - Navistar T444E Air/Turbo Mount c/w Wastegate Adapter

1030060     Valve Spring Kit 60# Cummins 5.9 12-valve
1030122     Air Compressor Kit, Remote Mount Exhaust Brake