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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Top of PageHow does your online store work?

    When you explore our site, you will have the option of buying BD product online through our Shopatron store.  Shopatron is a web-based service that allows manufactures to set up an online store using a separate server designed to provide the level of security and stability demanded by today’s web consumer. 

    Where Shopatron differs from in-house based web stores is that, when you purchase a BD product, Shopatron searches a database of dealers and distributors in the Shopatron system throughout North America, seeking the company that can ship your items the quickest. If there are no dealers who can fulfill your requirements, the order will come back to us and will we be the fulfilling dealer.

    Plus, all financial transactions are taken care of by Shopatron, which is equipped with the most up-to-date financial security systems so you can shop with confidence. Shopatron also offers easy online return services and support.

    To make a purchase from our Shoptatron stock, you will be required to set up a profile. When you complete your purchase, you will be sent a confirmation email from Shopaton which contains your order number and all details regarding the order. If you have any problems with the order, you can log back onto Shopatron to find details about your order or information on how to contact the shipping dealer or Shopatron for further information.

    NOTE: All rebuilt-exchange items sold on Shopatron will have the core charge added into the price which will be credited once core has been returned to BD.  See item descriptions in our Shopatron store for further details.  

  • Top of PageI press BUY NOW but nothing happens. What is wrong?

    When you press "BUY NOW" from our product pages, after a couple of seconds, our online store hosted by Shopatron will pop up in a new window.  Some browers (I.E. 7) and plug-in's such as Google Toolbar will block pop-ups which mean you will have to allow pop-ups for our website.  In some cases, you will have to do this for both the web browser and the plug-in.

  • Top of PageRemote Mount vs. Turbo Mount?

    - Remote mount brakes are used for applications where engine compartment space is a problem and mounting the exhaust brake in the main exhaust system is the only option, or, turbo mount is not available (I.E. Van application or Motorhome).
    - Turbo Mount brakes mount directly onto (or immediately behind) the turbocharger. These brakes are usually easier to install and have the quickest activation. This is generally the preferred brake to install unless installation room is an issue.

  • Top of PageWhat do I need for an Exhaust brake installation?

    - Exhaust brake installation kit.
    - A/T equipped trucks require controller (AutoLoc, TorqLoc or TowLoc) to engage the torque convertor lock-up clutch during braking.
    - Modified Downpipe required to fit `88-`93 Dodge trucks ONLY

    - M/T trucks can use optional shifter-mounted switch to activate the brake.
    - `94-`97 12V trucks can upgrade to 60 lb. exhaust springs to increase braking performance.

  • Top of PageWhat Dodge torque convertor should I use?

    Generally the rule of thumb is:
    - 12V trucks and 24V trucks used for towing (up to 450RWHP) – 1070215X
    *Designed for the average truck owner with a stock or mildly modified engine making up to 450 rear wheel horsepower. This convertor is towing friendly and works well with power upgrades.
    - 12V & 24V trucks NOT TOWING! (over 450RWHP) – 1070215LX
    *Designed for HOT ROD street trucks making more than 450 rear wheel horsepower and do NOT do any regular towing. Very aggressive stator & stall - requires lots of torque to run effectively.

    Often there are more variables to consider - Please call our sales support line if you have more questions.

  • Top of PageWhen do I need gauges?

    - Gauges are highly recommended on all applications as the factory instrumentation is limited. Any heavy-duty tow/haul usage should have gauges installed to monitor temperatures and pressures. The X-Monitor is an easy way to monitor exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs), turbo boost pressure and automatic transmission fluid temperatures, which are the most common values to monitor.

  • Top of PageWhen do I use an ‘X-Hook’ or ‘boost elbow’?

    - X-hook is applied on automatic trucks that have an automatic transmission with the HY-35W Holset turbo.
    - Boost elbow is applied to automatic and manual transmission equipped trucks with the HX-35W Holset turbo.
    - The X-Hook or boost elbow both have the same function of delaying the opening of the wastegate to maximize turbo boost pressure without disabling the wastegate.

  • Top of PageWhich Dodge clutch do I need?

    - If your customer is looking for a replacement upgrade clutch for regular/light duty applications we recommend the 1030272 for applications up to 400HP. This kit is NOT used for heavy towing.
    - If your customer has a 5-speed transmission (and tows quite heavy), we recommend upgrading to the 13” clutch kit. 1030276/1030277 kits include a 13” flywheel upgrade to handle the extra torque.
    - Upgraded 13” kits are also available for 6-speed transmissions. Use the 1030279 for stock or mild power upgrades. Use the 1030274/1030275 for aggressive street use or heavy towing applications.

  • Top of PageWhy do I need to upgrade the exhaust?

    -The extra power from modules and injectors creates more exhaust pressure. Restrictive exhaust flow can reduce power and drive up EGT levels. High-flow exhaust kits reduce backpressure to allow the turbo to breathe more effectively. Less restrictive flow means cooler exhaust temperatures, quicker turbo spool up and better mileage.