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99 CTD Auto Stuck in first

Hi, I won't pretend that I'm mechanically gifted... My 99 CTD Auto, stock. I put my foot into it off a start and felt some slippage and after that it wouldn't shift out of first. I had all other gears ( P,R, N but wouldn't get out of first even when manually shifting) I limped home (4 blocks) and let it cool for a half hour. Checked fluid and full but some black when wiped on the towel. Went around the block and everything shifted fine. What do I look for? Fluid change?

As an interesting aside or maybe related, I have some form of electrical gremlins as well ... Headlights won't gone on at times, fan won't go on and ... beat this, my son plugged in the block heater and the truck started ... without the keys in it! The fuel pump will at times go on after the key is removed ..

I still miss my 95 12V

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Given the wide range of issues you're experiencing, especially the uncommanded start, I would investigate the electronic system first. This is a real head-scratcher and the truck will likely need to go to a good, competent shop for diagnosis. Some basic things you can check at home are the batteries and terminals, chassis and engine grounds and any electrical connectors for signs of corrosion, moisture, damage, loose connections etc.

If the transmission fluid is dirty then it probably does need changing. If the electronic systems on the truck are not working properly this would tend to affect transmission operation; possibly even cause abnormal slipping which would give you fine black debris in the transmission fluid.

If you want to give me your ZIP / Postal Code I can see if I can recommend a shop in your area.

BTW I got a kick out of your assertion that you miss your old 12-Valve...I couldn't agree more!

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