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pressure lock limp in??

hello i recently purchased a bd pressure lock for my 2001 ram. i have a transgo shift kit with a 150ohm resister installed at the valve body wiring harness. i have installed the pressure lock with all components except the resister due to already having one. my truck is contantlly going into limp in and i have decresed the rod length considerablly. pressure lock is only pulling throttle to 1/4 on lock up. i have a 120psi with the converter locked in o/d. i did not have a issue till the pressure lock was installed. if i loosen the rod length any more it will be pretty much useless.. any other info to correct the issue? thanks..
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rigsy, yep you are going thru the same thing I went thru. after reading this scrool down to find an older thread @ lholbrook. it is prabably 4 or 5 pages long, where DieselDude and I (lholbrook), went thru a lot of trouble shooting. Finally, I purchased BD's new valve body with the pressure loc built in, along with the resister. That was a good move. But the problem really never went away. I finally installed a 220 ohm resister. And to this day, it will still go into limp mode, but only about once a year vs. three or four times a week. Or when i push it hard it will go into limp mode. I even had my ECM re-flashed, that didn't do anything.

I think overall that the 2001's may have something built into the tranny computer program that may be interrfering with after market toys.

good luck, but please find my preious threads on this matter, it makes for a good read if anything.

good luck
2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4X4 Dually-Long Bed, Auto-Trans:
Kelderman 4Link/2Airbag,
Banks 4in Exhaust,
Juice/Attitude Hot Unlock (from BD dealer),
BD: X Monitor, and OPTEX; Fuel PSI & Engine oil temp,
BD: Stealth cover,
BD: aux fuel pump/line kit,
BD: T/C, Flex Plate, Performamce Tranny,
BD: X-POWER FLOW INTAKE, Pulse Monifold,
BD: 100HP VP44, TWINS, 130 INJ.
4-5-8: 406/831 level 5, needs work.
6-5-8: 435/837 level 5, still needs work.
6-21-8: 430HP level 5, smarty sw8, SNW.
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