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2002 dodge diesel hard to start

When trying to start it the starter turns fast then almost stops then fast again. This happens whether the engine is hot or cold ( kind of like a gas engine with the timing set to far advanced). When it starts it blows a lot of black smoke.
Checked batteries, cables and starter all in good shape.
A friend said it could be one or more injectors leaking but I started it let it run for five minuets then shut it off and restarted it engines kicks back the same as if cold

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Hi Doumecq

Hard to say for sure what the problem is, it could be a lot of things. This is the order I would check things in:

-Make sure the fuel filter is clean.
-Make sure you have good lift pump pressure.
-Park the truck in a steep nose-down attitude. If the problem goes away, you've got a fuel drain-back problem, air is entering the system when the truck sits.
-Have the truck scanned while cranking to make sure it's seeing a good crank signal etc.
-Pull the injectors & have them bench-tested. You can ship them to us to check them or I might be able to find someone local who could do that.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.

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Thanks I will give your ideas a shot
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